Truth in Elections

There is deep concern among many citizens of the United States that the 2016 election was rigged, hacked, and consquently stolen. The potentially rightful winner, Madam Secretary, Hillary Clinton, has followed protocol and has not contested the results. However, the results may have been been influenced and imposed by dark forces within or outside of our democracy. There is no question that in the days following the election, it has become very clear that Secretary Clinton has won the popular vote by well over two million votes . . . and counting.

Notwihstanding Trump's claim that there were millions of illegal votes cast (presumably against him), even if the recount now underway is not successful in oveturning the results on November 8, 2016, given Secretary. Clinton's clear win in the popular vote, Trump can accurately be referred to as a "minority president." This fitting epithet was first suggested by George Lackoff.

A number of unusual events, from excessive voter purging in Democratic districts before the election to a surprise letter from the FBI Director Comey with no real information except that more e-mails relating to Secretary Clinton, possibly duplicates, had been found just a few days before the country voted, have been stacked against the Democratic candidate.

Thankfully, the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, has taken steps to insert a bit of sanity into the process and has requested a recount in three key states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. You can contribute to a fund Ms. Stein has set up to pay for the recounts using the link below.

These recounts need to be more than a simple literal recount and comparison of paper ballots to the recorded vote, they need to include some forensics and careful analysis by cyber security experts and elctions legal professionals who can detect anomolies and violations, how the vote tallies were tweaked (if they were), and where any manipulative influences originated.

In an age where vote tampering is becoming easier and easier, if we have learned nothing else from this election, it is that there is an urgent need for a reliable and tamper-proof system for voting in future elections.

History and News

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How to support the recount and investigation?

Sign the petition (if you have not already):

Sign a petition asking that the Electoral College vote Secretary Clinton into office on December 19 (over 4.5 million signers and counting)

Jill Stein has created a crowd sourced funding to cover the necessary recount costs (near seven million goal in less than one week)


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